Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Closing Up The Universe

The universe is a magnificent place full of more that we could ever imagine. As for now though this blog will no longer be covering the news and ideas of the cosmos.

There is a lot to be learned from the world around us especially from space, unfortunately it seems not to be a goal of many of the current governments of the world, the risk is just too much for many and the foresight is lacking.

It is improbable that in the near future the idea of space exploration will advance much beyond where it is currently, still there is hope. There still seems to be a secret lust for space, a support of the planets. When Pluto was stripped of its planethood suddenly it became a meme within the mind of society, maybe the arrival of New Horizons in 2015 will strike a chord within the hearts of the world, but who knows.

We do have the resources in space right now to learn a lot, Kepler still runs, we have satellites heading off to other worlds, and soon the James Webb will be sent up to outshine the fledgling Hubble.

It will take many years of work for science enthusiasts and communicators to bring the wave of information that is approaching to the level of the public, but hopefully when it happens, we will see a new renaissance in the space sciences.

May the stars shine brightly in your skies!

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